Influencer Program

Want to be a Proskinbox influencer ?

Send us your social media info, under "contact us."

Include in your email; Your brand and who your audience is. 

Once approved, you will receive a complimentary box to promote on your social media sites during prime time hours.

You’ll receive a code so your audience can receive a discount. Video using products with a review is preferred. Highlight what you love about the box and spa skin products.

You will have the chance to meet with Proskinbox experts to curate your own box with the brands stand behind. Your name will be on the box as a collaboration and you will receive a commission for each box you sell.

Licensed Cosmetologist and Estheticians will have full access to film, test & play with products at Proskinbox experience spa locations. Non-licensed influencers  will have limited access to film, test & play at the spa experience.

The spa experience will have discounted workshops from spa care brands for you can sign up with. Free education will also be available.